New: Products, Layout & Hours

We've responded to your feedback!

After 18 months of listening and planning, we undertook a significant refit in October 2019. This included the introduction of new products and suppliers; some changes to the shop layout, including more chiller and freezer space. We also extended the opening hours.

New Products & Suppliers

Ollie is always looking for new products and would love to hear your nomination for a new product that you would love to buy at Frensham Village Shop!

Extended ranges of fresh & chilled

Thanks to two new chillers, we are able to offer a fuller range of milk, freshly made sandwiches, quiches & pies, and keep an extended range of fruit & veg, wine and beers at their chilled best.


A bigger range of meal solutions

More time for you – ready made soups, pasta, ready meals, fish cakes and existing favourite ‘Sprinkle of Saffron’ curries.  To accommodate this we also have increased freezer space.


Love local! – more premium local made foods

We’ve searched to add more of the best local foods, local cheeses, sparkling wine and gin to add to great coffee, bread and fudge.  See our Local Suppliers page.


Bean to cup coffee and hot chocolate machine

Delicious Cupsmith coffee and hot chocolate from our new bean to cup machine – enjoy with our range of buns and pastries

New Layout

We hope you will like the new overall look of the shop (which, let's face it after eight years was looking a little "tired") and enjoy the unchnaged friendly welcoming ambience which is so admired.

Overall we have nearly doubled the chilled and frozen area with more energy-efficient units.

You will see we have made changes to the island units and adapted the counter arrangement to both improve handling of purchases, and display of featured products.

New flooring, paintwork and lighting all add up to an enhanced look and better display of products which we are sure you, our customers, will welcome!

Extended  opening hours.. Until 7.00pm weekdays!

We are very conscious that our previous  opening hours did not suit everyone especially working couples and families, so we will have extended our opening hours by closing later every weekday. 

Weekdays 8:30am - 7.00pm

Saturday 8:30am – 5.30pm

Sunday 9.00am – 11.00am