Choose your favourite

Flavourful Coffees and hot Chocolate!

We have a WMF 'Bean to Cup' coffee vending machine which provides a (self-service) choice of five different style coffees or hot chocolate. This picture shows our manager Paul and committee chairman Roger enjoying first cups of coffee from the new machine.

Paul & Roger enjoy first taste

We are using 100% Arabica beans from our local coffee roaster, Cupsmith, for this machine, and premium hot chocolate.


Customers simply place a takeaway cup (or their own mug) at the bottom of the machine and press the icon for their drink choice on the screen.

Bring your own mug and it's 25p cheaper!

Optionally you can pre-heat your cup by placing it at the right hand side of the drip tray and pressing the icon,
or select a weaker or strong cup of coffee using the icon. (Display for Normal strength = 2 beans, 15% stronger = 3 beans, 15% weaker = 1 bean!)

We can also sell you a takeaway cup of tea or instant coffee prepared in our kitchen, or even a cup of instant soup.