Changes to Opening hours and Orders


Since emergency arrangements we put in place on the 23rd March, and helped by a wonderful new group of volunteers, we have made more than 750 home deliveries as well as daily newspaper deliveries to more than 70 households.

We now need to take the next step, as we are keen to allow the shop to return to opening at 08.30am.  

We want to continue our support for those that are safeguarding with a move to an order/ shop collection service. 


Hence from Monday 6th July

  • Shop returns to normal opening time of 8.30am for Monday- Saturday (Sunday unchanged 9-11)

  • Home deliveries will stop, transitioning to an order / collection service ( On-line or telephone ).

    • Orders can be placed as currently, either online or by calling the shop between 8:30 and 10:00am Monday – Saturday.

    • Goods will be picked, payment processed and then made available for collection, (from outside the shop for those who remain uncomfortable coming inside). 

  • Newspaper deliveries will continue (probably to the end of August) aiming to ease the transition in limiting initial traffic into the shop.


If you feel that you will really struggle without our delivery service, then please call Paul as the offer remains, as always, for those “stuck at home and can’t get out”. 

We will target one day per week (Mondays) when we can line up delivery volunteers.