The 'Big Give-back'

Supporting local Charities and Organisations


We are constituted as a Community Interest Company (CIC) which is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders.
Although we have three nominal £1  shareholders they cannot take dividends, any distribution of profits (or assets) has to be for the benefit of the community.
In the last few years we have been sufficiently financially secure and profitable that we have been able to distribute monies to local Charities and causes.


After a very successful year in 2020 with enhanced sales during the restrictions and and lockdowns of the Covid pandemic we were able in August 2021 to give away a total of £7,378 divided between three local good causes:

  • The overhaul of the Bells at St Mary's Church
  • Homestart (Waverley) supporting local families
  • Support for Hollowdene childrens' playground

For all the details see this News Item



This year we asked local charities and organisations to make a "pitch" for a contribution from the shop at our AGM.  We then asked people to vote for their preferred recipients and based on these votes we made the following distribution:

Bell Ropes £400   Full award of amount sought
Marindin Hall £1,000   Contribution to estimated £3,500 cost of new stage facility
Community Speed Watch £1,000   Contribution to the cost of “white gates”
Phyllis Tuckwell
£1,000   Cost of a drug delivery machine
Helen Arkell Dyslexia
£700   Contribution towards cost of setting up a local dyslexia support group
  (See also page 13)
More House School £600   Cost of 2 Food mixers for use in cookery lessons
Rural Life Centre £550   Contribution to cost of materials for new store, estimated at £1,100
Kingsley Centre £550   Contribution to £2,500 cost of new photocopier

All recipients expressed great gratitude for the monies given and the shop has even taken delivery of a batch of delicious flapjacks baked by pupils at More House with the aid of their new food mixers!


This year we decided to give the whole of the available surplus of £5,000 to a single cause; namely the appeal by Dockenfield Parish Council for funds to enable the purchase of an area of field as Public Open Space adjacent to the place where "D-Day" is held annually. Our contribution made it possible for DPC to proceed with this purchase.


We identified four potential recipients for our Big Give Back in 2016 and allocated shares of the available funds (total £3,378) based on customers putting tokens in jars to cast their votes!

The distribution was....

Frensham Royal British Legion Club  £1,024
St Mary’s School                               £962
St Mary’s church tower repair fund     £738
Frensham Pond Sailability                   £654