Be part of the shop community!

Can you volunteer during this COVID-19 crisis?

At the current time, with some of our older volunteers unable to help at the shop we would particularly welcome offers of help from younger members of the community!

Would you be able to volunteer to help pick and/or make home deliveries to those in need?
A couple of hours a week could make a huge difference and would be a great way to help.

Contact Mayonne on 01252 792609


What it means to be a volunteer:

Frensham Village Shop is a community run shop and is dependent on its team of volunteers to support our professional shop manager (Paul Wakeman) and our three part-time Staff (Christine, Valerie and Clive). There are more than 60 volunteers supporting the shop in some way! The shop's success is very much thanks to the efforts of all the volunteers and they are its single greatest asset.  Volunteer helpers in the shop can choose how often they want to work, however volunteers generally either work a regular weekly or fortnight shift (usually two hours), or come in to fill a gap in the rota.

There are always at least two people in the shop and full training in shop procedures is given. There is also a comprehensive volunteer instruction manual to refer to if needed.

As well as serving at the counter, and putting out new stock, other volunteers deal with setting out the morning papers or counting the paper returns or help behind the scenes with newspaper administration, IT, financial matters, advertising, premises management, etc.

A volunteer co-ordinator looks after the rota, acts as a point of contact and passes on news, urgent messages, etc.

They smile and chat and help all sorts and manners of people – they are a key interface with the customers. Without them the shop would fade, become simply another sales outlet without a personality – and the community would lose that small, precious and intangible thing known as character. Thank goodness for the volunteer! New volunteers are always welcome - the more people we have 'on the books' the easier it is to fill the rotas and cover holiday periods ( Paul)
I enjoy being a part of a lively and vital part of village life, I have picked up a range of new skills and I see friends and acquaintances on a daily basis. (A volunteer)

If you're interested, please talk to Paul, the shop manager (Tel: 01252 795240) or email